Restaurants Canada participated in the B.C. government’s press conference about Informed Dining on April 16. L to R: Minister Terry Lake, Restaurants Canada’s Mark von Schellwitz and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada’s Gavin Arthur.

(Apr. 30/14) In a press conference on April 16, B.C. Health Minister Terry Lake announced that 19 chain restaurants – which represent 2,000 locations in the province – have now implemented Informed Dining.

Restaurants Canada spoke at the conference as well. We reiterated that consumers want the comprehensive nutrition information provided by Informed Dining, and applauded Minister Lake’s leadership in helping us make this program the recognized standard across Canada.

Chain members, such as A&W, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Subway and White Spot, shared samples of menu items with Informed Dining information with the media.

The press conference, along with radio and bus shelter advertisements, is part of an Informed Dining marketing initiative by the B.C. government to raise consumer awareness of the program.

Need more information?
Click here for the government press release.

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