(Feb. 11/15)

Dear CRFA member,

Halifax Regional Water Commission has applied to increase water service costs by nearly 60%, to increase waste water service costs by 23.5%, and to introduce a new fee for storm water runoff based parking lot sizes.

This new increase may cost Halifax restaurant operators thousands of dollars a year.  While infrastructure improvement is needed, restaurant operators should not be forced to pay for decades of neglect.

CRFA is fighting to keep these costs reasonable and to urge authorities to focus on conservation and take a balanced approach to infrastructure funding.

Join the fight!
Help CRFA keep these costs reasonable by providing us with information on how much you pay for water service in a year. CLICK HERE to provide us with your annual water costs.

You can also have your voice heard by sending the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board an e-mail and letting them know that you oppose the proposed fee increase.  CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.

Please share this message with other colleagues in the restaurant industry and help keep the cost of doing business in Halifax reasonable.

Best regards,

Luc Erjavec
VP Atlantic Canada


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