Dear Premier Selinger,

During the 2011 election you promised to not raise the provincial sales tax.

For your government to now table legislation to raise the sales tax – without first holding a referendum – is something our members, customers and supporters deeply oppose.

A higher sales tax will make it harder for Manitoba families, many of whom are already finding it difficult to make ends meet, put their kids in sports and save for retirement.

Keep in mind this is on top of many other government fees and taxes that are already rising faster than peoples’ pay cheques.

A higher sales tax will not only reduce the funds people have for things that are important to them, it will also hurt many peoples’ jobs.

After all, a higher sales tax will reduce the amount of money people have to spend at local businesses and it will only encourage more people to travel to the United States or Saskatchewan, where taxes are much lower.

But it won’t just be retail, restaurants and hotels that are impacted, all businesses and organizations in the province will be hit by the tax increase. After all, businesses will have to spend more money on taxes when they buy equipment and other things they need to operate. Thus, businesses will have less money for employee wages, training costs and other expenses that help the business compete.

But we’re not just here to criticize your decision.

We’re ready to sit down with your government and provide constructive ideas on cost savings. Other provinces are getting by with much lower tax rates. We’ll help you figure out how Manitoba can too!

It’s not often that our groups get together, but when we do it’s a matter of great importance. We hope you recognize this and withdraw Bill 20; the legislation that will raise the PST and eliminate the referendum requirement.

We look forward to your response.


Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Mining Association of Manitoba Inc.
Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association
Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association


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