Duration: Today – January 1, 2016
Beginning January 1st, 2017, the Ontario government will require all chains of 20 or more locations which sell ready-to-eat foodservice products to post calories on their menus and menu boards.  This will apply to all menus including drive-through, websites, mobile apps and any advertisements that enable a customer to order.
In the summer, the Ministry released a list of chains which they deemed to fall under the legislation and your chain may have been identified as one that would be subject to the new regulations.
In response, Restaurants Canada will provide direct consultations on a fee-for-service basis with both member and non-member Chain organizations to achieve compliance. The Act and Regulation are specific and detailed and need to be carefully reviewed when preparing new menus, signage and advertising.  We understand that the obligations under this new regulation may seem confusing, costly and complicated for multi-unit operators, and Restaurants Canada is here to help you avoid penalties for non-compliance.

Join Restaurants Canada's Making Healthier Choices Act Consultation Program to plan your path to compliance.

You will receive direct one-on-one consultation with James Rilett, VP of Government Affairs for Ontario to review the status of your operations as it exists today, provide guidance, and to develop an appropriate follow-up schedule to compliance. We’ve assembled a variety of cost-effective solutions to assist your company in becoming compliant. Your company may even qualify for government funding to offset costs.
Have any questions regarding this program?  Contact Curtis Byrd at 1.800.387.5649 ext. 4229 or