On November 22, Bill 148 passed its third and final reading in the Ontario legislature, ensuring that the province’s minimum wage will rise to $14/hour on January 1, 2018 and to $15/hour on January 1, 2019.

This controversial bill has been the subject of much debate and discussion throughout Ontario’s foodservice industry. Operators and restaurateurs are concerned that in order to support these new wages they will be left with no choice but to cut staff, raise menu prices, slash employee benefits, decrease staff hours and hours of operation or even close permanently.

Managing the Impact of Bill 148 Handbook

Our Managing the Impact of Bill 148 handbook provides recommendations and suggestions on how to manage the volume of changes that have now become law in Ontario.

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Executive Summary

For a detailed analysis and commentary regarding the changes Bill 148 is bringing to Ontario’s labour industry, read the Bill 148 Executive Summary (PDF)

Preparing for Bill 148 Webinar Recording

Missed our webinar? In this webinar, you will learn about Ontario’s minimum wage changes, the impact for employers, how to calculate and strategies to mitigate the wage increases. Presented by Jeff Dover and Geoff Wilson, fsSTRATEGY Inc. and Erin R. Kuzz (Sherrard Kuzz LLP).

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