(Sept. 23/14) Despite a recommendation to raise the legal minimum drinking age to 19, the Government of Manitoba will hold it steady at 18. Restaurants Canada, along with other organizations, opposed this National Alcohol Strategy (NAS) recommendation due to the lack of research showing a clear connection to reduced harm.

For the past year, Restaurants Canada has served on Manitoba’s Provincial Alcohol Strategy Steering Committee, which includes representatives from social service agencies, MADD, public health, the Liquor and Gaming Authority, liquor retailers and the hospitality sector. The committee is developing a ‘made in Manitoba’ strategy, but much of its work is framed around the existing NAS.

Restaurants Canada will continue to represent the interests of Manitoba’s hospitality sector. The steering committee’s final recommendations are expected after early 2015.

Read more about the government’s decision to hold the drinking age at 18 in the Winnipeg Free Press. Restaurants Canada is also quoted in the article.

“What we’re really talking about is societal values and the way society as a whole thinks about and approaches the consumption of alcohol. It has more to do with the way in which society treats liquor as a whole than age.”
– Restaurants Canada’s Dwayne Marling in the Winnipeg Free Press, Sept. 13


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