(Jan. 12/15) New waste reduction targets are on the horizon in Manitoba. A proposed goal to halve landfill waste by 2020 will mean a cut of 400 kg per person each year. 

Four of the seven target areas will impact most of our members:

  • improve organic waste diversion through composting; 
  • establish new targets for consumer product recycling; 
  • reduce the number of carry-out retail plastic bags; and 
  • act on hard-to-recycle products such as Styrofoam containers.

Restaurants Canada urges members to review the proposals, with particular attention to these sections: 

  • Organic waste, pages 9-11
  • Extended producer responsibility, pages 13-14 
  • Institutional, commercial and industrial, page 15
  • Hard-to-recycle products, pages 16-17

Our action
Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship Hon. Gord Mackintosh was open to our idea to create industry advisory committees. Restaurants Canada will be part of any such committee.

Have your say
Manitobans can weigh in on the proposed targets by March 20, 2015. 

Restaurants Canada will also submit a response by the deadline. We invite members to share your thoughts with us. Contact Restaurants Canada’s VP Manitoba-Saskatchewan Dwayne Marling at 1-877-926-8557 or dmarling@restaurantscanada.org.


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