Managing your bottom line is every bit about managing risk as it is expenses. 

That’s where Triton Canada can assist you.  Whether you’re looking to hire new management for your location or you’re expanding responsibilities of tenured staff, Triton runs criminal background checks quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively through their secure platform.  Business owners and Human Resources Managers alike will love Triton’s unique platform. It can return results in as little as 6 minutes, making this service invaluable during mass hiring events and job fairs.  Triton’s website says, “We’re a national pre-employment screening agency providing secure and easy-to-use online background checks to you.”

How can members access this service?

Simply login to the Member Portal to access the links for you to place your order.  Restaurants Canada has negotiated exclusive pricing for this service. If you are a multi-unit foodservice operation processing in higher volumes, further discounts may be available.

If you’re experiencing any issues or would like more information, please contact Member Services at 1.800.387.5649 ext. 8006 or