(Dec. 3/17): Following Restaurants Canada’s successful efforts to convince the Quebec government to lower prices for liquor licenses and simplifying the licensing system, we are moving forward to the next stage which includes a complete review and modification of the alcohol license system.

Restaurants Canada made the following suggestions:

  • End the stamping system
  • Reduce the paperwork for operators
  • Reduce delays to get a permit
  • One stop shop: each company that requests more than one permit can speak with the same employee
  • That an operator can keep its permit in cases of minor, not repeated, violations
  • Possibility to order straight from microbrewers, wineries and distillers

Originally, the government wanted modifications to be “revenue neutral”, but is showing a willingness to renounce some money in order to push the upcoming bill forward.

Restaurants Canada anticipates that a bill could be tabled before the end of the year. In the interim, we are looking to hear about the difficulties operators have experienced when dealing with la Régie des Alcools et des Jeux du Québec or with la Société des Alcools du Québec in regard to licensing issues. Restaurants Canada will compile these stories and relay them to the Minister of Public Safety. We expect these stories to have a major impact on the bill.


One response to “Modernization of the alcohol license system”

  1. Please start working on reducing the prices that restaurants and bars pay for wine and alcohol products. we should be paying wholesale prices not retail prices.

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