(Apr. 24/13) Following consultations with CRFA, the City of Montreal has released its recommendations on food trucks.

What we can expect
A phase-in period will start this summer before total deployment in 2015. This summer, food trucks will not be allowed to move around and will have to obey the same rules and regulations as a regular restaurant (e.g. food safety, fiscal evasion, environment, odours, noise).

The City is yet to establish permit costs, start time and food truck-specific rules and regulations. A committee, which CRFA is lobbying to be part of, will determine the parameters of the ruling. When the ruling is made, food trucks will be allowed in the boroughs.

The only recommendation CRFA disagrees with is the notion that food trucks would be required to offer certain types of food, as Montreal is a gastronomic destination. We will argue it is not the City’s place to determine what food trucks can offer – it’s ultimately up to the customer. Legal opinion from the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ) supports us by noting menu discrimination is not allowed.


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