My husband Uwe Boll and I own the Bauhaus Restaurant in Vancouver. Having three small children and a restaurant is very challenging. I am normally there in the day, and my husband goes in the evenings. My three-year-old son Walter often plays “I am busy game.” He takes all his toys and tells me, “Mom, I am busy and have to go to the restaurant.” For a long time he didn’t understand what the “restaurant” was, but knew we always went there.

Out of respect for our customers, I rarely  bring the children to the restaurant. A lot of customers come with very well-behaved children. However, mine are not so great at sitting down, and not running around and destroying a place! With an upscale dining restaurant with people enjoying tasting menus, the last thing I want is the children to be loud and ruin their experience.

Last week I decided to bring the kids to the restaurant early for dinner. I wanted to see if they were getting old enough to enjoy the food and sit through a meal. While my back was turned, they ran out the door and made funny faces through the windows at the guests arriving!

Cheeky! Natalie's kids make funny faces at the guests arriving at her restaurant.
Chef Stefan Hartmann, formerly of Bauhaus, teaches Natalie's daughters how to prepare spot prawns.
Natalie's son and daughter try their hands at baking.

My husband and I opened up the Bauhaus Restaurant in 2015. Our three children are 11, eight and three years of age. When we opened, I was in the restaurant every day, often all day doing administration, and all night for service. It was hard for the kids. Now we have an amazing GM Daniel Klintworth who runs the restaurant, so I don’t have to be there for the day-to-day administration.

We live mainly in Vancouver but spend our summers in Germany. Even before the restaurant, we have always wanted our children to have a healthy relationship with food. We try and grow food at our home. In Germany, our house has chickens and a large garden, so the kids love to go and spend time harvesting the food and collecting eggs.

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Bauhaus Restaurant
Natalie's kids wanted to try Grappa, so this restaurant let them drink apple juice in Grappa glasses. Cheers!

Uwe and I both come from a film and TV background. When I met my husband, I was production manager for a TV series called “World’s Weirdest Restaurant” for the Food Network. My husband was directing and producing feature films. In his spare time, he was importing high-end olive oil, and his hobby was trying every new Michelin-Star restaurant on the list. His passion in life was food and wine. I encouraged him to pursue this as more than a hobby.

The restaurant business is new to both of us. Opening Bauhaus Restaurant  has given us a whole new appreciation for the food industry.  My favourite thing about being a restaurateur, even more so than the food, is all the people you meet every day. On the business side, you meet suppliers that are just as passionate about their products as you are to use them.  Your staff relationships become the restaurant’s foundation. On the guest side, you meet people from all over the world that have stories to tell, and you create these amazing friendships with guests that you start seeing over the years. It is truly an amazing experience. The people make all the hard work ( because it is really hard work) pay off.

Congratulations Natalie! Natalie is the owner of Bauhaus Restaurant  in Vancouver, B.C. Natalie wins a Blunt Roll apron for her delightful story.


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  1. Great story, Natalie. You do very well.
    I was in the same boat with my little kids , running Bel Art Gallery in N Vancouver. They knew her mom always working, but it did not interfere with a happy family life. Go on – later, your children will admire you for that🌟

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