(Sept. 9/14) Restaurants Canada is reminding members to register any foreign workers they employ with the provincial government. This new requirement took effect Sept. 1. There is no fee to register.

What you need to know
Employers must:

  • register when newly-hired foreign workers begin employment;
  • register any foreign workers already employed, by Nov. 1, 2014; and
  • renew foreign workers’ registration annually.

Register here

Why this change was made
The Employment Standards Act  provides minimum standards for all workers and employers in New Brunswick. The new registry will enable the provincial government to raise awareness and better communicate about the rights and responsibilities of both foreign workers and their employers under the Employment Standards Act.

In addition to the new registry, the amended Employment Standards Act, effective Sept. 1, 2014, has revised the rights and responsibilities of employers of foreign workers. See a full list of changes here.

Failure to register as an employer of foreign workers may result in administrative penalties.

Source: The Government of New Brunswick.

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