(Dec. 3/17): Restaurants Canada is prepared to participate at the Quebec legislature’s parliamentary commission in regard to a bill that will modify the current provincial employment standards and working conditions.

Restaurants Canada has made official representations on this matter, keeping the focus on:

  • The minimum wage: Currently, the minimum wage is comprised of 47% of the average provincial wage. It will increase to 48% in 2018, 49% in 2019, and 50% in 2020.
  • Vacation weeks: The government may stipulate that employees will receive three weeks’ vacation after three years of continuous employment and a fourth week after 10 years of continuous employment. These measures will most likely be phased in gradually to lessen the market impact.
  • Cancelled shifts: The government may propose that any schedule agreed five days in advance of a shift could not be modified without mutual consent.
  • Shared tipping: The government will most likely propose guidelines for the industry to adhere to “best practices” for shared tipping throughout the provincial foodservice industry.


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