(May 13/18) On April 6, 2018, Quebec unveiled its food policy titled “Alimenter notre monde” (Feed our People) for the time period 2018-2025. The goal is to promote Quebec food production and food processing industries.

Apart from food itself, the policy also deals with labour shortage, training, certification, best practices and health for Quebec products. It does not deal directly with menu items or offerings in Quebec foodservice places. Some measures that will follow the policy, however, could impact our members.

The policy’s seven targets (time scope is 2018-2025):

  • Invest $15 billion in agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and food processing
  • Increase international export of Quebec food by $6 billion
  • Add $10 billion of Quebec content in food purchased in Quebec
  • Increase the proportion of businesses in agricultural and food processing businesses with responsible practices
  • Double the surface area of farmland in Quebec
  • Increase share of eco-certified Quebec fish and seafood products from 52% to 70%
  • Improve nutritional value of Quebec food

The policy is first and foremost an economic policy to promote Quebec agricultural and transformed products. Quebec will soon pass a law to implement this new food policy. It will be une “loi cadre” that will give the framework of the implementation, it will be short on details but large in its scope. This bill will be like a budget implementation bill, mainly directing government to dissect the policy and make changes according to its targets and guidelines. Once this bill is passed, government will be able to legislate and regulate on those matters.

The whole policy can be found here. It is in French and has not yet been translated to English: mapaq.gouv.qc.ca/fr/Publications/PolitiqueBioalimentaire.pdf


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