(Oct. 28/15) Restaurants Canada spoke, and they listened!

We recently met with the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division (AGD), and they’ve agreed to change a number of alcohol regulations. They will:

  • eliminate dry areas
  • allow eating establishments to serve drinks without a meal
  • allow eating establishments to sell Nova Scotia wines for take-out
  • eliminate the need for small lounges to have a kitchen
  • charge minors for using fake ID
  • harmonize fire and AGD occupancy numbers

The provision to allow eating establishments to serve two drinks without a meal has attracted some controversy. Some municipal officials believe this may lead to excessive drinking and rowdiness. Restaurants Canada believes this provision will reduce red tape, allow restaurateurs to better serve customers, and provide a reasonable option when municipal zoning does not permit a lounge license.

How can you help?

The AGD needs to hear from licensees to push forward with regulatory changes. Please consider sending an email to show your support for the initiative to allow eating establishments to serve a drink without a meal. You can reach them at AGDConsult@novascotia.ca.

Here’s a link to the letter to the Minister outlining the issue.


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