Audi Stadis of Hill and Bay Food and Beverage found her second chance at success in the foodservice industry. Six years ago, she had just about given up on finding a job in marketing, executive sales and finance. She’d had bad experiences at interviews that left her feeling hopeless, lost and unsure of her next move. She was even called “irrelevant” at one interview after being a stay-at-home Mom, despite excelling at previous jobs  with Fortune 500 companies. “I lay in bed for two months, feeling knocked out,” she says.

Audi decided to try her hand at cooking classes. Soon she was teaching cooking classes, which gave her the opportunity to showcase her talent. In 2012, Audi formed her own teaching and catering business, Hill and Bay, in Collingwood, Ontario, and she’s been going strong ever since.

Putting a modern spin on traditional family recipes, while experimenting with avant-garde and fusion styles, is Audi’s secret. Her quiches, which use a minimum of five cheeses, and organic and local ingredients foods, often sell out at the local Farmer’s Market, soon after opening time!

Audi’s greatest satisfaction comes from people telling her how wonderful her meals are. “That kind of feedback reinforces that you’ve done your job right, and it’s a real pat on the back,” she says. “It doesn’t hurt to make a few bucks along the way, but I’m not doing it for the money.” There’s nothing better for Audi than hearing customers say she’s their favourite chef.

Audi is taking a self-described culinary vacation to India and the Maldives to dabble in the various cuisines of the sub-continent, and see how she can bring them home to her specialties in Canada.



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  1. Congratulations Audi! Yours is a success story that will inspire many to follow their passion!

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