(Apr. 15/15) Ontario’s calorie posting legislation (Bill 45) has crossed two of three hurdles, and will be reviewed by committee next week. The Ontario government has set tight timelines to pass this legislation, but Restaurants Canada is pushing to take the time needed to get it right. Similar regulations in the U.S. took five years to draft due to the complexity of the legislation and our industry.

The government is also getting pressure from other parties to add more nutrition values to menus. Restaurants Canada argues this is counterproductive – every added value makes the regulations more complex while reducing consumer effectiveness. We are urging the government to run the program and evaluate its effectiveness, before adding more complexity.

Many Canadian restaurants have been leaders in providing their customers with nutrition information. As an industry, we launched the Informed Dining program. Watch for details on a special event for our Ontario members to talk calorie posting with Ministry of Health officials.


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