Ontario is proposing that data collection devices known as ‘black boxes’ be installed in all restaurants. Black boxes track data through point-of-sale devices, and prevent the use of suppression software to hide sales. Unfortunately, they are expensive to purchase, install, and maintain, and we are opposed to legislation that would require you to use them.

We took a similar stand in Quebec. Although that province adopted the legislation, we convinced government to cover some of the costs.  However, the devices remain an irritant to the businesses that use them on a daily basis.

We will consult with the Ontario government on the proposed legislation. If they proceed, we will insist the following basic principles be followed:

  • Only business owners convicted of using suppression software should be forced to use black boxes.
  • Every business should be treated equally. The foodservice industry should not be singled out.
  • Government must pay all costs to purchase, install, and maintain the technology.

Although consultations are just beginning, the government is prepared to move quickly. We will update you as we learn more. In the meantime, talk to your local MPP to share your position on this expensive, unnecessary device. Find out who your member of parliament is and how to contact him or her on the provincial government website.


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