The rules about tipping in Ontario are about to change.

Beginning on June 10, 2016, restaurant owners will be prohibited from taking any portion of employee tips, except under very specific circumstances.

The new legislation still permits tip pools, but operators must follow the existing Canada Revenue Agency rules about controlled tips. You can find the Restaurants Canada overview on the new Ontario law and the CRA regulations on the Member Portal.

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  1. Jenny Sparks says:

    Hi i have recently started working at a Lounge and Night Club and they are making me tip the kitchen out 3% on food sales.. fine. But they want us to tip out 1% to the bar. for nothing. we don’t know where or who it goes to. from what I have been reading they are not allowed unless they do the same daily duties as us(which they don’t) thanks for your time

  2. Paul says:

    Government of Canada provides some guidelines, for employees and for employers, on the CRA website Also, there are Provincial Guidelines (as per example of Ontario). RC members have access to the Member Portal for more background information

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