(Mar.18/16) The Ontario government has released the long-awaited regulations for Bill 45, which sets out menu labelling requirements in Ontario. The bill is mostly unchanged from the original version, and requires restaurant chains with more than 20 units under the same banner to post the calorie content of standardized menu items. The bill does include several important changes that were tabled by Restaurants Canada:

  • Sharable items will have to list total or per-serving calories, not both
  • Packaged foods that are labelled under the federal Food and Drug Act will be exempt
  • On menu pages that face each other, the contextual statement only has to be printed once.

Next up: the government promises to provide resources to help you interpret the regulations. We’ll bring them to you as soon as they’re available. The original deadline to comply with the new calorie posting rules was January 2017, but because there has been a delay in getting these critical resources to foodservice operators, we are asking the government to adjust the deadline accordingly.

More details about Bill 45 are on the Member Portal. The complete list of regulations is here.

Restaurants Canada members: If you have questions about menu labelling, please contact James Rilett at 416-649-4241 or jrilett@restaurantscanada.org

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