(July 13/17) Ontario’s public hearings to review the proposed labour changes, including the drastic minimum wage increase, are underway. If you live between Windsor and Toronto, you still have a chance to attend a public hearing. Restaurants Canada’s James Rilett will be at these hearings as well.

We urge you to attend, as a strong industry presence helps us convey just how much a 32% wage increase, in just 18 months, will hurt our businesses and jobs. Get your colleagues, and anyone who will be affected, to come to the hearing nearest you to support those speaking on behalf of the industry.

Our main message? We’re not opposed to minimum wage increases, but they need to take place over a reasonable time period so that employers can continue to meet their payroll without cutting hours and jobs.
Remaining hearings

  • Friday, July 14: Windsor-Essex
  • Monday, July 17: London
  • Tuesday, July 18: Kitchener-Waterloo
  • Wednesday, July 19: Niagara
  • Thursday, July 20: Hamilton
  • Friday, July 21: Toronto

Contact Restaurants Canada’s Paul McKay if you have questions.



4 responses to “Ontario minimum wage hearings have begun”

  1. Dominic Raso says:

    where is the meet taking place in london

  2. Teresa Huegle says:

    To much to fast

  3. billy says:

    how does including tipped employees (servers) make any sense .they earn between 25-30$ an hour including their tips .

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