(Jan. 7/18): The Ontario Ministry of Labour published a new Employment Standards poster on January 2, 2018. The new version, 7.0, replaces version 6.0 and describes some of the important rights and requirements in the province’s Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA).

The 7.0 version must be posted in the workplace where it can easily be identified and read by employees. Employers are also required to provide their employees with a copy of the new poster in print or electronic format.

The graphic provides employees with helpful information including hours of work and eating period regulations, overtime pay standards, public holiday information, as well as termination notice and pay rules.

The new 7.0 version can be printed or downloaded from the Ministry of Labour’s website.


One response to “Ontario Ministry of Labour Releases Employment Standards Poster 7.0”

  1. kmerk says:

    The link above is to the old 6.0 poster

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