(May 14/14)  Ontario’s election is set for June 12. Restaurants Canada will be sending our Ontario Election Toolkit to all members, to help them raise issues of importance as candidates campaign for their vote.

Bills of interest 
With the election call, a number of relevant bills were squashed. These include:

  • Bill 49 on tipping;
  • Bill 91 on waste reduction;
  • Bill 131 on tobacco reduction (i.e. smoking on patios);
  • Bill 162 on menu labelling; and
  • Bill 165 on minimum wage and CPI.

The budget: Implications for members
The May 1 budget was a preview of the Liberal election platform. As the budget was delivered, Restaurants Canada spoke out. The budget ignored our industry’s concerns about unfair beverage alcohol pricing and growing red tape and taxes. The proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) is also a potential concern for the future, as it could increase labour costs for both employers and employees who may not benefit from the program in the long run.


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