600600p6489EDNmain78Luc with Peter Mackay and Chris Alexander (Olympics 2014) _cropped(Feb. 21/14) Many jurisdictions across Canada have agreed to some flexibility on opening and serving hours on Sunday, Feb. 23,  to accommodate customers who want to come together to cheer on Canada’s Olympic hockey team. Licensees in most jurisdictions must request and gain approval for a change in hours.  (The game begins at 7 a.m. EST.). For the game on Sunday:

  • Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta will grant extension in hours if requested on an individual establishment basis.
  • Ontario (excluding Toronto) will be deciding on change in hours or alcohol service. Check CRFA’s website for further updates.
  • Municipality of Toronto (except Wards  9 York Centre, 11 York South-Weston, 24 Willowdale) will permit alcohol service.
  • Quebec will allow licensees to be open but not serve alcoholic beverages.
  • B.C. will allow flexible opening and service on Saturday and Sunday for liquor primary locations only.

Go Canada Go!

UPDATE: The Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) will not allow flexible hours for beverage alcohol service in Ontario (with the exception of Toronto).


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