(Jan. 16/13) Late last year, CRFA and a number of foodservice operators met with Metro Vancouver environment officials to discuss plans for a proposed organics ban by 2015.

We discussed the challenges of implementing this ban in foodservice establishments. The foodservice delegation also pressed Metro Vancouver to follow one process in preparation for a ban instead of enabling its municipalities to implement various regulations and timelines. To this end, CRFA and other hospitality industry associations will write a joint letter to all Metro Vancouver municipal leaders encouraging them to adopt a single set of guidelines and timelines on the organics ban so foodservice companies don’t face a patchwork of municipal regulations.

What’s next?
Further consultations on the proposed Metro Vancouver-wide organics ban are scheduled for this year. In the meantime, Metro Vancouver is looking for organics waste best practices used by restaurant chains. It is also seeking out chain members to be early adopters of banning organics to lead the industry in waste diversion.


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