Contact your candidates 

The Sept. 22 election is your chance to raise provincial issues that affect your business with candidates in your riding. There is no better time to approach a future MLA with your issues than when they‘re seeking election.

Look up your riding and candidate 

To find out information about individual candidates in your riding, please visit the party websites shown below. Each site allows you to enter your postal code to find out information about your local candidate:

New Brunswick Liberal Party

Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick

To find out the name of your riding, visit the Elections New Brunswick website and enter your postal code in the form provided. This will provide the name of your riding.

Meeting your candidates 

To contact the candidates in your riding, call directory assistance (506.555.1212) and ask for the campaign office for each candidate.

  • Call your candidate’s campaign office and request a 15-minute meeting.
  • Explain that you live in the riding and/or employ people in the riding.
  • If appropriate, invite candidates to meet in your restaurant to see how your business operates.
  • Review the issue sheets and familiarize yourself with the industry information in this package.

At the meeting 

  • Tell the candidate about your business and the number of people you employ. Explain with pride your business accomplishments.
  • Highlight the size and scope of the foodservice industry in your area  and the important role your business plays in the community.
  • Listen respectfully and thank the candidate for his or her time.


  • Don’t worry about knowing everything about the industry or the issues. What is most important is that the candidate knows who you are, what you do, and the impact you have on the local economy and employment.
  • Be respectful but insist on getting a sense of where the candidate stands on the issue(s) that matter most to you and your business.


  • Follow up the meeting with a letter, thanking the candidate for his or her time and reiterating any concerns you may have.
  • Call Restaurants Canada at 1-877-755-1938, ext. 101 or email  to let us know how your meeting went.
  • Send, fax or e-mail Restaurants Canada a copy of your letter and/or meeting highlights.

By tracking industry contact with candidates, Restaurants Canada can serve you better in the years ahead.
All Candidates Meetings 

  • Attend an all candidate forum or debate and ask the politicians about issues facing your business.

Good luck and remember: Your vote matters, so make it count!


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