(May 5/17) We’re “raising the bar” again! Restaurants Canada is collecting industry feedback for its second Raise the Bar report card on provincial liquor policies. Your feedback is a valuable part of our ongoing fight for better pricing, selection and regulations for Canada’s bars and restaurants.

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Raise the Bar: How your province has done so far
Read the 2015 Report Card on provincial liquor policies

In a rush? See our infographic to find out how we graded your province in 2015.

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One response to “Poll: Rate your province’s alcohol system”

  1. John Mallon says:

    Yippee! we can now buy beer in grocery stores in Ontario. How is it, then, that the grocery store gets to buy the product from the beer store at a discount and sell it to the public at the same price as the beer store. We, the licensees, have to buy the product at a premium, never even getting the bargain price afforded the consumer, and then jack the price up to a level where we can potentially eek out a living if not just break even.

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