(July 14/15) Licensees in Nova Scotia may soon see less red tape. The N.S. government listened to Restaurants Canada, and is considering these changes to the Liquor Control Act:

No ‘dry’ areas
Remove the province’s 105 ‘dry’ areas where alcohol can’t be sold (a remnant from Prohibition days). This means you can now get a Lounge Licence in those areas. You will no longer have to hold costly public hearings for an Eating Establishment Licence.

No need for two permits
Change the rules so restaurateurs can serve up to two drinks without a meal. You won’t need both Eating Establishment and Lounge Licences to do so. This makes it easier for you to serve drinks without a meal, as you won’t have to go through the costly process of getting two separate licences. You also won’t be held back by municipal zoning rules that prohibit Lounge Licences in some areas.

Restaurants Canada will keep you updated on the government’s progress with these changes.


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