(Jul. 10/14) Health Canada has announced that producers of mechanically tenderized beef must label their product and provide safe cooking instructions. Restaurateurs are exempt from these requirements, but will have the benefit of supplier labels that identify any mechanically tenderized beef.

The new labelling rules follow recommendations from an Independent Review Panel after the XL Foods Inc. outbreak in 2012, as well as Health Canada’s risk assessment. Restaurants Canada represented our members’ concerns in consultations on these changes to the Food and Drug Regulations.

What is mechanically tenderized beef?

Guidance on Mandatory Labelling for Mechanically Tenderized Beefis punctured by blades, needles, or the injection of a solution or marinade.

Guidance on Mandatory Labelling for Mechanically Tenderized Beef is available on Health Canada’s website.

Learn more about the amendments.

Get more information on the Findings of the Health Risk Assessment of Escherichia coli O157 in Mechanically Tenderized Beef Products in Canada


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