We help save your business money on your communications expenses.

As an operator, you may have ongoing bills for landlines, cellular lines, cable and internet expenses.  Profit Point is here to help.
As they state on their website,
“Quite simply, we act on the behalf of our clients to get better rates with service providers for cell phones, internet service, T.V and business phone lines. We have trained negotiators equipped with proprietary information that helps make us more effective when negotiating with these large companies. ProfitPoint Communications will review a minimum of 4 months of bills to find historical usage and assess current needs – our process is risk free. We will compare your services and what you are currently spending to what is currently available on the market and will then present our solutions to you.
Your customized Savings Solution is developed uniquely for you and is based on our knowledge of the market and our database of what is currently available.

Members can save a minimum of $400 with their existing business phone and internet provider.

If we can’t find you savings, there is no fee.