(Sept. 24/17) The federal government’s proposed small business tax changes are still very much in the headlines and Restaurants Canada remains active on this topic. On top of our own specific industry-related representations to government, we are part of a coalition of 63 organizations that is working hard to advance small business interests. We have heard from our industry and we understand your concerns. Thanks to those of you who completed our survey as this kind of information really helps us focus on what matters to you.

To better understand the complex issue of tax changes, we’ve asked KPMG and some of their best tax experts to shed light on the unintended consequences of the proposed changes. We are also developing real-life examples to better illustrate the impact of the policy on operators. We continue our discussions with the Finance Minister’s office to be up-to-date on all the latest developments.

As we prepare to make our official comments on the tax policy on October 2, we are also working with KPMG to draft advice and suggestions to help you and your business prepare for whatever the final government propositions turn out to be.



  1. john says:

    Our plan in unique, we normally spend about $7,000 per year traveling in Canada. With these new tax changes we will have only about $5,000 to spend, but now we have chosen a different country to start spending the money in. Sorry to those Canadians that use to depend on us as part of their livelihoods here in Canada.

  2. Paul McKay says:

    If you would like to learn more about our position, and need help contacting the Minister of Finance and your MP, please feel free to get in touch @ pmckay@restaurantscanada.org. Look forward to helping you communicate your concerns. All the best, Paul

  3. David Hodds says:

    How is a small business owner supposed to save an adequate amount for retirement with these changes?
    We aren’t fortunate to have a gov’t pension and benefits! Between these changes and the new wage changes which is going to cost us an additional $30,000/year. As a result we have decided against opening another business as a result, which would have immediately hired employees. It’s just not worth the effort for the little potential reward now.

  4. Derek says:

    It is disturbing to know that our Prime Minister spent over $250,000.00 tax-payer money for his one week vacation, meanwhile trying to squeeze the blood out of small business owners.Small business tax reform and $15.00 minimum wage…… I am planning to cut jobs to stay afloat, and for sure will vote against the Liberal, both provincial and federal in the coming election

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