Protect your business from slip and fall accidents this winter

Published October 17, 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching and so are our icy winters. Sometimes a slip and fall accident is not a result of clumsiness, but a product of neglectful caretaking. Thousands of people across the country are injured each year by slip and fall accidents due to wet, icy and sticky floors. Restaurant owners should take reasonable measures to prevent their employees and customers from becoming victims of these accidents and claimants of lawsuits. You want to ensure your property is cleaned to be accident-free, as well as protected by legal coverage that gives you peace of mind. You are not always legally responsible for accidents that happen on premise, so the right legal advice is necessary.


Protect your business with Professional Fee Protection (PFP Inc.)

Restaurants Canada, in partnership with PFP Inc, can protect your business from an unexpected trip and fall accident.

If you’re a member of Restaurants Canada, you get more than 50% off the annual cost of this protection! And you’ll have access to unlimited FREE legal advice – even if your questions aren’t about your business.

Your exclusive pricing offer is available here.  Or, for more information, contact Richard Little of PFP, at or 855 505 1525.


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