(Mar. 21/16) Although there was nothing specific for restaurants, in many ways Quebec’s budget was good news for our industry.

There were no increases in alcohol taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, or payroll taxes. In fact, there was a small decrease in the health services tax, which Restaurants Canada had been calling for, since Quebec payroll taxes are higher than those in other provinces. Beginning this year, the health services fund contribution for businesses with a payroll of less than $1 million will gradually decrease over a five-year period, from 2.7% to 2.0%.

More details on these changes are available on the Quebec government website.

The government also announced new performance targets for the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). Restaurants Canada supports their drive for efficiency, provided it doesn’t result in a reduction of services to licensees. We will also want to ensure that new sales targets will not be achieved through increased mark-ups.

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