QUEBEC CITY, March 29, 2017 – The Quebec budget delivered yesterday puts ups no new hurdles for the restaurant industry, but does little to alleviate current problems, such as the cumbersome alcohol licencing process.

“Our industry has long called for a more streamlined process to obtain a liquor licence,” says David Lefebvre, Restaurants Canada’s Vice-President Federal and Quebec. “With a solid surplus, Quebec could have taken a step further to reduce taxes paid by small businesses, especially as the federal government hikes alcohol taxes.”

On the positive side, the government has raised the personal income tax exemption level. This is the right policy to put more money in the pockets of first-time employees.

“We commend the government for maintaining the limited planned tax reductions, while injecting money for employee training, apprenticeships, and help for immigrants and minorities to start new businesses,” says Lefebvre. “As the number one first-time employer in Canada, our industry is especially happy with those measures.”

Restaurants Canada is also pleased with the government’s plans to invest more in tourism.

“We hope the government will acknowledge the role our industry plays in tourism, and develop strategies to enhance it,” says Lefebvre.

With $14.9 billion in sales, the restaurant industry represents 3.8% of Quebec’s GDP and employs nearly 300,000 Quebecers.

Restaurants Canada is a growing community of 30,000 foodservice businesses, including restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and suppliers. We connect our members from coast to coast, through services, research and advocacy for a strong and vibrant restaurant industry.


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