(Feb. 18/18): In June 2017, the Quebec government announced new regulations in regard to alcohol licenses. Those measures, enforced since October 1, 2017, stipulate that only one permit per usage is now required (instead of one per room) and that all permits will be less expensive. It also allows online applications for reunion permits and implemented a more detailed system for small infractions, instead of using the prior automatic mandatory hearings in front of the Régie.

Quebec’s Minister of Public Safety is updating the law to provide further regulation changes that were recommended to the government by Restaurants Canada. From our meetings with officials, it is clear the government wants to remove some of the regulatory burdens associated with buying and selling alcohol in bars and restaurants and streamline permit acquisition and renewal.

As the government enters the final stretch before the October elections, we are anticipating that the long-promised legislation on alcohol licenses will proceed as planned. This is a fantastic opportunity to simplify Quebec’s alcohol system and make sure alcohol permit related issues become less of a burden for operators.


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