(Sept. 23/14) The City of Halifax has cut its proposed liability insurance cap for restaurant sidewalk patios from $5 million to $3 million. This move, made in response to concerns raised by Restaurants Canada, saves the average member thousands of dollars a year in insurance premiums.

The City’s original proposal to hike liability insurance from the current $2 million to $5 million would have raised insurance premiums by 20 per cent and cost operators $2,000 to $5,000 annually.

The City claimed it carries $5 million in liability insurance for its events, and so should the industry. Restaurants Canada argued this increase is unwarranted due to the sizeable difference in scale between a 20-seat patio and a large City-sponsored event. Read our letter to Mayor Savage and Council.

“I got all my concerns  from, and agreed with, your letter of concern(s). Good work Luc on behalf of your organization in getting our attention… [We] pressed for the need for a public hearing, which I feel ensures your voices are heard.”
– Note to Restaurants Canada’s Luc Erjavec from Halifax City Councillor, Sept. 24

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