(Sep. 13./17) Restaurants Canada directors and staff met with the Ontario Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Brown to discuss the impact of the massive increase to the minimum wage.

The meeting came on the heels of the Financial Accountability Office report that stated the impact of the Liberal government’s increase would put more than 50,000 Ontarians out of work (click here to read more).

Mr. Brown and the PC Labour Critic, John Yakabuski, MPP discussed their efforts to bring attention to the Liberal government’s labour policies which threaten the economy and jobs.  We discussed ways we can work together to save youth jobs.

Pictured left to right:  Restaurants Canada directors Steve Mastoras, David Clanachan and Cindy Simpson, Leader of the Opposition Patrick Brown, Restaurants Canada CEO Shanna Munro, director Paul Methot, Restaurants Canada Executive Vice President Joyce Reynolds, Restaurants Canada Vice President Central Canada James Rilett, PC Labour critic John Yakabuski.


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