Restaurants Canada disrupts the insurance game

Published June 12, 2018

RC Protects serves up a new affordable and fair insurance program

Say good bye to sky-high insurance premiums. Restaurants Canada has teamed up with the Canadian Broker Network to launch a customized insurance program specifically designed to meet the needs of the foodservice industry.

While many restaurant operators’ costs are habitually at the mercy of government policies and the economy, the price of insurance has been left solely to the insurance providers. Restaurants have been paying too much for insurance, leaving them feeling that the continuous increases on their premiums are unavoidable. This problem is particularly acute with licensed restaurants and largely due to the ambiguous food-to-alcohol beverage ratios that insurance providers have been using to their own benefit for years.

Using their collective voice for change, Restaurants Canada is officially launching RC Protects – a market-changing foodservice insurance program for operators of all sizes, with platforms geared toward helping them save on insurance and improve their bottom lines.

“We wanted to use our collective voice to change some of the predatory practices in the insurance world,” said Shanna Munro, President and CEO of Restaurants Canada. “Restaurants Canada spent more than 18 months interviewing many insurance companies, both Canadian and international, including brokers of all sizes and combinations, to find the right one to help us change the game.”


How It Works

The RC Protects program is designed to get operators in front of their risk areas. A proactive process called the RC Protects Risk Journey takes a close look at the operators’ business model, policies and claims, and then builds a custom value strategy that balances risk tolerance, pricing and terms.

As opposed to continually increasing premiums, RC Protects will use an approach similar to one that is used by the auto sector to reduce rates for safe drivers. By educating operators and providing them with direction on risk reduction initiatives, they will be able to ultimately lower their premiums.

RC Protects is designed to put the interest of foodservice operators first as opposed to the standard practice of working for the benefit of the insurance provider.


The RC Protects Portfolio

RC Shield
Allows operators to take the RC Protects Risk Journey to get in front of their risk areas. RC Shield takes a close look at your business model, policies and claims, then builds a custom value strategy that balances risk tolerance, pricing and terms.

RC Employee Home & Auto
The ultimate staff retention and appreciation tool. The RC Employee Home & Auto program delivers exclusive annual savings to staff at no cost to the operator. Restaurants Canada members are able to extend this benefit to their staff and their families.

RC Bullfrog Insurance
Provides immediate online quotes and enrollment options that is designed for small foodservice businesses. It offers up to $5 million in commercial liability coverage, up to $20,000 in equipment coverage.

RC MDAccess
A program providing real-time access and official incident documentation that mitigates potentially costly patron claims. Get access to 24/7 healthcare and advice when you need it most with RC MDAccess.

For more information on these packages, go to


About Restaurants Canada

Restaurants Canada (previously CRFA) is a growing community of over 30,000 foodservice businesses, including restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and suppliers. We connect our members from coast to coast through services, research and advocacy for a strong and vibrant restaurant community. Canada’s restaurant industry is an $84 billion industry, directly employs 1.2 million Canadians, is the number one source of first jobs and serves 22 million customers every day.

About Canadian Broker Network

The Canadian Broker Network is a collection of united independent insurance brokers across the country. They are committed to setting a new course in Canadian foodservice. CBN is not owned or permitted to have any insurance company investment in their business.

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