(Jan. 21/18): Restaurants Canada kicked off 2018 with coast to coast media coverage on a wide range of issues that are of great importance to our members.

With a January 1 implementation in Ontario of a higher minimum wage and increased labour legislation stemming from the Wynne government’s Bill 148, we have been seen and heard on the Ontario broadcasts of Global News and the CBC, on the radio on London’s 980 CFPL, in the pages of the Globe and Mail, and in the Financial Post‘s and the National Post‘s editorial sections, all with fantastic member support and feedback.

We’re in Atlantic Canada talking to P.E.I.’s CBC radio regarding Bill S-228: An Act to amend the Food and Drugs Act. We shared our thoughts in New Brunswick talking with Moncton’s Telegraph Journal regarding the impact craft beer and local breweries have on small business owners.

We were also in the prairies on CBC News Saskatchewan discussing the minimum wage changes happening around the country, and out west talking about the rising popularity of delivery apps with CBC Edmonton and the Edmonton Journal.

One of our top priorities is to capitalize on our media momentum and continue to push our agenda forward by keeping the debate in the public while gathering more support as we go!


One response to “Restaurants Canada is Getting the Message Out There!”

  1. Dan says:

    Being “heard” doesn’t mean a thing. Bill 148 is in place, and restaurant/ small business owners are still saddled with huge increases in labour costs. What good is talking about what is already done? It didn’t help before implementation when the ONT ignored all input from small business…it certainly won’t change anything now.

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