MONTREAL, December 11, 2014 – Labour Minister Sam Hamad has taken a fair and balanced approach with today’s announcement that general minimum wage will rise to $10.55 on May 1, 2015.

“Given the cost pressures that restaurant operators are faced with, any increase in labour costs is hard to absorb or pass on to customers, but today’s announcement is reasonable,” says Jean Lefebvre, Quebec Vice President for Restaurants Canada. “Keeping the increase in line with inflation means that restaurant owners will continue to create jobs and investment.”

Foodservice operators directly employ 268,700 people in Quebec and are the number one employer when it comes to first-time jobs.

Restaurants Canada is also pleased the Minister recognizes the importance of a wage differential for employees who earn gratuities. “A wage differential gives employers in our industry the flexibility to manage their payroll to attract and retain employees in all areas of the business, including those who do and do not earn tips.”

Restaurants Canada is a national association comprising 30,000 businesses in every segment of the foodservice industry, including restaurants, bars, caterers, institutions and their suppliers. Canada’s restaurant industry directly employs more than 1.1 million Canadians, contributes $68 billion a year to the Canadian economy, and serves more than 18 million customers every day.


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