(May 5/17) Restaurants Canada wants to put a lid on annual increases in the new excise tax on alcohol, introduced in the March federal budget. Higher excise taxes mean higher costs for your business!

Why will the tax escalate each year?
This federal excise tax will increase by CPI every year. This tax increase will be compounded by provincial markups and levies, as well as provincial and federal sales taxes.

Why this hurts our industry (and it’s not just cost increases)
Alcohol is already an overtaxed commodity, which means prices in Canada are much higher than many places we compete with for tourists. Customers won’t see this escalating tax, but it will significantly increase the price they pay for beer, wine and spirits once the cumulative effect of liquor board markups, GST and PST are added in.

What we’re doing to help you
Restaurants Canada is trying to stop the yearly escalation of the excise tax.

Read our letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

We co-authored an opinion piece with the Canadian Vintners Association that was published in the The Hill Times, and republished in the Restaurants Canada blog.

See our full page ad in The Hill Times, published in partnership with our beer, spirits and wine partners.

See our presentation to the Senate National Finance Committee.


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