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(Nov. 24/14) Restaurants Canada has been appointed to the Ministerial Advisory Committee on the underground economy. This initiative is one of several launched by the Canada Revenue Agency to target the black market, and will be chaired by the Minister of Revenue Kerry-Lynne Findlay.

Tax evasion results in unfair competition for law-abiding restaurant owners. As most restaurateurs are honest, dedicated business people who pay their fair share of taxes and operate in full financial transparency, it in the industry’s best interest to make sure those who don’t are penalized. At the same time, it’s important that the committee’s work doesn’t impede the above-ground economy. Restaurants Canada will work to ensure that no financial or red tape burden is placed on law-abiding members in an effort to catch the few that cheat.
Read the strategic plan (French) for reducing participation in the underground economy.

Top photo: Restaurants Canada’s Joyce Reynolds (right) with Minister of Revenue and Chair of the Ministerial Advisory Committee Kerry-Lynne Findlay.


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