(Mar. 23/15) Restaurants Canada’s Dwayne Marling was elected last week to the board of Saskatchewan’s Service and Hospitality Safety Association (SHSA). He will help guide the association’s workplace safety training and support for restaurateurs and allied industries. Marling will look at how to reduce workplace accidents, which will also keep workers’ compensation premiums low.

About the SHSA
The SHSA is a non-profit organization funded by the hotel, restaurant, laundry, and community services industries through their WCB premiums. It provides consultation and education services for its nearly 4,000 employers including: onsite evaluations, in-person and virtual training, individualized consulting, education materials and other resources. It also offers services through its website (www.servicehospitality.com), virtual training, and presentations at conferences and public seminars. The SHSA’s nearly 4,000 employers represent over $1.3 billion in payroll.


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