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(May 26/15) Restaurants Canada discussed B.C.’s restaurant industry with Premier Christy Clark this spring and raised three issues in particular:

Labour costs
We thanked the Premier for using our minimum wage recommendations. She:

  • kept the September 2015 hourly increase of 20 cents moderate;
  • maintained the liquor server differential; and
  • promised to link all future minimum wage changes to inflation.

Licensee issues
We reiterated the need for a wholesale liquor discount, licensee-to-licensee sales and wine off-sales.

Labour shortage
We discussed B.C.’s decision to suspend new Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applications for 90 days (April 1 to July
1) while reviewing PNP criteria. We emphasized how important the PNP is to restaurant employers who have no other choice when seeking foreign workers. We argued against industry sector caps that would limit restaurateurs’ access to this important program.

Top photo, L t R: Restaurants Canada’s Mark von Schellwitz, Premier Clark and Restaurants Canada’s Donna Dooher.



  1. Terrance Van Gemert says:

    I think there needs to be a peoples lobby group who takes peoples concerns to the government.. wait a minute.. is the government not responsible to the voter who is the people after all.. NOT resturants which is a non-blood entity and has no rights under the charter. NONE but get all the attention of the people representatives elected by PEOPLE!! NOT business.

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