(Feb. 18/18): On Feb. 9, the New Brunswick government announced a $0.25/hour increase to its minimum wage, raising it to $11.25/hour, effective Apr. 1.

Restaurants Canada voiced its support for this decision in a release: “Restaurant operators are working hard to adjust to increasing costs on several fronts in a sluggish economy,” says Luc Erjavec, Restaurants Canada vice president for Atlantic Canada. “Restaurants Canada applauds the government’s commitment to keep minimum wage increases in line with the CPI.”

“Restaurants provide more first-time jobs than any other industry in Canada, and are a stepping stone to the broader labour force. In New Brunswick alone, restaurants employ 8,500 youth, which represents one in five jobs for youth in the province,” says Erjavec. “This increase strikes the proper balance and will help our industry protect and grow job opportunities.”

The increase is part of Premier Gallant’s election platform to push the minimum wage passed $11/hour.


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