EDMONTON, June 10, 2015 – Alberta’s restaurant industry is calling on the government to add some new ingredients to its minimum wage plan. The measures show how government and business can work together to achieve wage and job growth for Albertans.

Industry association Restaurants Canada will make four recommendations at tomorrow’s employer consultations on minimum wage:

  1. Adjust minimum wage based on the current economic climate, and announce increases annually to allow for necessary adjustments.
  2. Keep the current liquor-server differential, which recognizes that servers in licensed restaurants and bars are not minimum wage earners when you factor in their substantial gratuity income. This allows restaurateurs to pay more to staff who don’t earn tips.
  3. Introduce a first-job wage differential to encourage small businesses to continue to hire young, inexperienced workers looking for their first job.
  4. Conduct an economic and employment analysis of the 2015 minimum wage increase before announcing the 2016 increase.

Media Availability:

Restaurants Canada President Donna Dooher and Vice President Western Canada Mark von Schellwitz will be available at 12:30 p.m. outside Government House, following tomorrow’s minimum wage consultation.

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