(Aug. 4/17) Restaurants Canada made several recommendations to help the restaurant industry be more competitive and productive in its 2018 federal pre-budget submission. This submission is our chance to convince the federal government to include our industry’s priorities in its spring budget.

The theme of this year’s consultation is economic growth. In our submission, we:

  • provided ways the government can help restaurants deal with the pressure of rising labour costs, as well as food, alcohol and credit card acceptance fee costs;
  • supported policy measures that promote growth, such as the culinary tourism strategy; and
  • pushed the government to honour its election promises to lower the small business taxation rate to nine per cent and introduce an EI youth hires program.

Read our full pre-budget submission.

Questions? Contact Restaurants Canada’s Paul McKay.


One response to “What we’re asking the federal government to include in its 2018 budget”

  1. Paul McKay says:

    We know that more than two-thirds of Canada’s restaurants are locally
    owned and operated by independent entrepreneurs. These small- and medium-sized
    businesses operating at at a very low pre-tax profit margin – despite this, they play a huge role in employment – especially of young people. RC is working to help governments understand that small businesses are facing very real challenges – particularly on the labour and food cost fronts. Feel free to get in touch @ pmckay@restaurantscanada.org. All the best, Paul.

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