(Jan. 26/17) Serve it Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) training is mandatory for all businesses that sell or serve alcohol in the province. Make sure you’re up to date on training and avoid getting sanctioned by the SLGA.

What is Serve it Right Saskatchewan?

Offered by the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council, SIRS is an intervention training program that teaches servers in licensed establishments to serve beverage alcohol responsibly. Topics include:

  • preventing underage drinking, overconsumption of beverage alcohol, violence, impaired driving and other alcohol-related dangers;
  • legal responsibilities and liability;
  • identifying intoxication,
  • handling situations involving minors; and
  • discontinuing or refusing service or sale of alcohol.

Dates to know

As of June 2015, all new owners, managers and hires must have completed training within 30 days from the start of their employment.

As of June 2016, all owners and managers should have completed the SIRS course.

By June 30, 2017, at least one employee who has completed SIRS should be scheduled each shift.

By June 30, 2018 all employees involved in the sale and service of alcohol must have their certification.


How to complete the program

Where: Staff can easily complete the program online or in a seminar.

Costs: $30 to $50 depending on type of training.

Duration: 3.5 hours to complete online or 6 hours for the seminar.

Learn more about the training.


2 responses to “Saskatchewan licensees: Do you Serve it Right?”

  1. Dianne Bannerman says:

    Does this requirement include volunteers in a non-profit organization?

  2. Dwayne Colson says:

    Need to know if you can serve alcohol without food in a restaurant?

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