(Feb. 23/17) The Saskatchewan government is considering removing PST exemptions, including the restaurant meal exemption, in the 2017 budget on March 22.

In a meeting earlier this month, Restaurants Canada told Finance Minister Kevin Doherty and Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison how important it is to keep treating all food equally, given the tax imbalance between restaurant and grocery food. We showed them how devastating it would be if this exemption was removed, particularly in an economic downturn. Get the numbers on how a meal tax would hurt restaurant sales.


We can make a difference. Speak up to save our PST exemption.

There’s still time. The government has not made a final decision on removing some or all PST exemptions. Between now and mid-March, it’s critical you speak up.

Contact your MLA and tell him or her that your business and staff can’t afford a new restaurant meal tax. Tell your MLA that the people of Saskatchewan still have no appetite for a meal tax.

Use our sample template letter and MLA contact list to get in touch with your MLA as soon as possible.


Need help?

Contact Restaurants Canada’s Western Canada VP Mark von Schellwitz.


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