(Apr. 10/13) Dear CRFA member,

As you probably already know, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has imposed close to a million dollars in new costs on restaurant and bar owners by introducing new liquor licence fees hidden in the recent provincial budget.

These new fees will add up to thousands of dollars for each liquor-licensed establishment, and are being imposed with little regard for the province’s 1,073 restaurants.

The new fees include:

up to $1,700 for a liquor licence;
$100 to serve alcohol on a patio;
$100 for a catering endorsement;
$200 for a special event licence:
$50 for permission to sample; and
up to $200 per licence in application fees.

CRFA has already been outspoken on the issue. (Click here to read the article on CBC.)  We urge you to tell Premier Dunderdale that you will not stand for this new tax grab.

Click here to send an e-mail to the Premier and copy CRFA on your note:

“Premier Dunderdale, I do not support the new fees being imposed on liquor licensees.  This tax grab is on the backs of Newfoundland and Labrador’s hospitality industry and imposes thousands of dollars in new costs on small businesses across the province.  We have gone from a province with no liquor licence fees to one with some of the highest fees in the country.  I oppose these new fees and demand that you reconsider!”

Please forward this e-mail on to your colleagues in the hospitality industry to urge them to join in the fight!

Best regards,

CRFA Member Services


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